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ShlepaBOX is a globally PATENTED DESIGN registered Patent Number: 2004/06159 and DESIGN Number: F2004/0988 and Trademark: 98/22684 includes: USA, South Africa and the rest of our planet that complies with the WIPO – See: . All rights reserved. Registered via Adams & Adams Patent Attorney’s

ShlepaBOX Patented Design – ShlepaBOX is the truly GREEN BOX.VIDEO demonstrating ShlepaBOX:

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[Global Registered Patent Owner: Craig Metrowich, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED]

The PATENTED DESIGN and brilliant ease of use, makes the ShlepaBOX the easy to use box. ShlepaBOX takes the SHLEP out of making a cake box, a take-out box, a shopping box plus ideal for filing, storing, moving, and thousands more applications, plus is LOVED by the environment.

Craig Metrowich owns globally, all rights to ShlepaBOX

ShlepaBOX is the truly GREEN BOX. (TradeMark)

This REVOLUTIONARY and unique collapsible, Globally PATENTED box: ShlepaBOX was developed at the stage when legislation was passed, which forced consumers to pay for the plastic bags used to pack their purchases into.

This PATENTED design has MANY USES due to its amazing Folding BOX design plus is great for RECYCLING. ShlepaBOX Patented Design can also be purchased with a FOLDING LID

ShlepaBOX will be supplied to all markets GLOBALLY and includes various SIZES within the range.

LOVED by the ENVIRONMENT the ShlepaBOX is brilliant for RECYCLING.


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